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Appendix (AIWB) carry holster features

BioThane Loops

Closed style belt loops are incredibly strong and arguably the most secure method of attaching an IWB holster to your belt. Our custom belt loops are made from BioThane Granite Series coated webbing. They’re rated to handle 1000-pounds so you can trust them to keep your holster secure when things get serious.

Concealment Wing

Concealing the grip is key to making your pistol disappear. That’s why we incorporate a concealment wing into our holster designs. This wing works in combination with your belt to tuck the grip of your pistol tight against your torso and reduce printing.

Our concealment wing is adjustable and even removable to dial in the perfect holster fit based on your body type. Generally a lean body type will benefit from more wing pressure and a thick body type will appreciate little or no wing pressure.

Open Muzzle Design

Our holsters are designed with an open muzzle which allows empty casings or debris to pass through and not interfere with holstering your pistol. It also allows for the use of threaded barrels or compensators. We extend the end of our holsters to provide full coverage so you won’t get burned when holstering after a range session.

Optics Ready

All of our holsters are designed for compatibility with popular mini red dot sights such as the Trijicon RMR / SRO, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and Sig Sauer reflex sights. Along with supporting slide mounted optics, our holsters are compatible with suppressor height sights and compensators.

Fight-R Retention

Fight-R is our fixed retention design with an audible insertion click. It’s made for close quarters or entangled fighting and designed to retain the pistol if you become inverted.

Multi-Axis Muzzle Pad

Multi-axis enhancement is molded right into the holster to increase comfort and concealment. The first axis pushes the muzzle away from your lower torso and tucks the pistol against your body. The second axis rotates the grip in nice and tight to reduce printing.

Tracker Dan Clip

After years of repurposing other clips to meet his needs, US Navy SEAL Tracker Dan designed his own clip specifically for use with knife sheaths and pistol holsters. Key features of the clip are its strength, low profile footprint, and under-hook which allows it to work with or without a belt.

The under-hook (cloth grabber) allows you to use your IWB holster with or without a gun belt. It opens up concealed carry options when your wardrobe isn’t suited for the traditional holster and belt combination. Works great with gym attire, board shorts, yoga pants or even tighty-whities.

This is the original small format cloth grabber clip which has has served around the world with elite military commands, law enforcement agencies, and spawned many knock offs. Made in the USA with American made steel.

Extreme Durability

The thermoplastic we use to form all of our IWB holsters exhibits extreme resistance to heat deformation and cold weather cracking, is highly resistant to chemicals, and offers greater abrasion resistance than stainless steel. Bottom line, you can expect your RED1USA holster to stand the test of time.

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